In South-east Queensland, we have recently had an unprecedented amount of rain. This rain has been not only large in quantity, but the time over which it has fallen has been significant. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it sometimes seems like it has been raining non-stop for several weeks. While this has been good in some ways (we are not connected to a town water supply), it has had a negative impact on our chickens.

Surprisingly, their egg production has been maintained, but I have been increasingly concerned about:

  • their ability to shelter from the weather
  • the increased prevalence of pests and diseases. 

3 things to do to help keep chickens healthy

So what have I done:

  • continued to ensure that food is both fresh and dry
  • removed food scraps that have not been eaten
  • extended the roofed area of the run

It is my hope that the increased roofed area will provide a relatively dry area (outside the hen-house) that my chickens can shelter in during even the heaviest rain.

Chicken Shelter
About the author: Steve McLean
I am an educator and passionate gardener and traveler. I love helping others to grow productive gardens and am always looking for new ways to develop my own gardening knowledge. I believe that that by working together with gardening as a common theme for us all, the world will be a better place.