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 4 Vegetable Gardening Tips You Need to Know I love gardening! Specifically, I love vegetable gardening. For me, there are few things that give me more pleasure than going down to the patch and harvesting a basket full of fresh produce ready to prepare for the evening meal. But, some people can...
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 Kahili Ginger Description Each year during late summer or early autumn you will be rewarded with beautiful very showy flower spikes that make growing this plant very worthwhile and rewarding. Kahili ginger is an ornamental, tropical plant that will grow to about 2.5m when planted in suita...
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As winter draws near, it's time to think about vegetable gardening. Do you know you can enjoy homegrown vegetables from your garden amidst the chills of winter? Yes, you heard that right. All you need is to choose which vegetables are easy to grow, and those that can withstand even the coldest tempe...
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Making Gluten Free Bread As a person who has Coeliac disease, avoiding gluten has been important in my life ever since I was diagnosed and realised what I needed to do in order to improve my health. Unfortunately, a food that I love is good bread - something that didn't seem...
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How to Have Your Plants and Eat Them Too There are few experiences quite like growing your own food. It’s equal parts hard work and leap of faith. You plan, you plant, you water, and you wait. With patience (and sometimes, a touch of luck) you’ll get to make meals with...
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Why Are My Hydrangeas Pink? Hydrangeas are a beautiful plant, native to temperate areas of Asia and the Americas, but by far the greatest diversity can be found naturally in Asia. If you live in a temperate region, they are are a must for your garden - they are a plant...
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Dying Yucca!
468 Hits 1 Votes 2 Replies
Posted on Friday, 05 March 2021
I have a yucca that's not doing very well and I'm having trouble diagnosing the problem. I got it sometime in the fall, and left it in the nursery pot ...
bring this site back to life! its a great layout. LETS DO SOMETHING!!
990 Hits 0 Votes 1 Replies
Posted on Wednesday, 06 January 2021
Maybe send emails to members to get them back on and use FB to get other like minded people on here "D
My Yucca is dying!!
3976 Hits 0 Votes 1 Replies
Posted on Tuesday, 02 June 2020
Hi,    I am on the US east coast - Boston.  I recently cut and repotted a Yucca plant which has rerooted but the leaves are yellowing.  The main S ...
Help! Troubled yucca.
6106 Hits 0 Votes 2 Replies
Posted on Friday, 27 December 2019
Hello, is anyone able to determine what is the matter with my poor yucca, and what can be done to restore him?  Thank you  =)