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Have you ever grown tomatoes in your vegetable garden or perhaps in tubs on a balcony? If you haven’t, I guess I have to ask; why not? There are two undeniable facts about growing tomatoes - they are one of the most commonly grown plants in backyard vegetable gardens and...
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Wood ash is a wonderful resource in the vegetable garden and everyone who has easy access to it should use it rather than disposing of it in some other way. It can be nutrient rich and used to improve nutrient access for your garden plants, and it is a very...
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How to Grow Yuccas Yuccas are an incredibly easy plant to grow, require very little maintenance and are being seen increasingly in contemporary gardens. However, if you prefer a more traditional garden, don't be concerned; there is always a place for yuccas. Yucca elephantipes is a commonly grown yu...
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Crepe Myrtles are a very hardy plant that can be grown in most climates. They are native to southeast Asia and northern Australia and are known for their beautiful flowers and amazing mottled trunks. Together, these provide both beauty and interest all year round. Plant Details Common Names: Crepe M...
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Port Wine Magnolias ( Michelia figo ) are commonly grown in many gardens and are a very good choice as hedges or screen plants. However, they are a beautiful shrub and can therefore also be found on their own in ornamental gardens providing a central focal point - so don’t...
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Top 10 Benefits of Turmeric Turmeric is native to South East Asia and is usually recognizable as a bright yellow/orange and pungent spice associated with asian cooking - particularly Indian curries. It often referred to as a “super food”, having been identified as containing a very large number of s...
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Was wondering if you have any tips on growing heirloom tomatoes or ove
Was wondering if you have any tips on growing heirloom tomatoes or over vegetable varieties  ...
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Posted on Monday, 13 August 2018
I have an issue with my Yucca
The following was a question asked on the iCultivate youtube channel ....... I figure it's been over watered. I propagated all the stems from it, now...
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Posted on Friday, 09 March 2018
Why is my daisy getting dead leaves? Is it because of too much sun?
A question from an iCultivate viewer ........ Why is my daisy getting dead leaves? Is it because of too much sun? How to Prune Daisies Video...
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Posted on Saturday, 09 June 2018
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What is Your Favourite Variety of Tomato?
Which of the following commonly available tomato varieties do you prefer to grow in your vegetable garden?...
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Posted on Saturday, 04 November 2017