I live in Southern California (Los Angeles) and planted 7 grevilleas (moonlight, kings celebration, Kings rainbow, spirit of anzac, red hook, 2 long john) in March 2022 and they’ve doubled-tripled in size already. Once it cools down and heads into fall here (mid October, days are still between 90-80 degrees F and nights aren’t getting below 60 degrees F), would it be ok to give a hard prune then? I would rather not wait until spring to clean up the garden if I can do it sooner. Thank you in advance!


My experience has been that they respond very well to a hard prune. I think your winter temperatures are similar to ours (no frosts) but the best time to prune is definitely spring. Having said this, if you definitely wanted to prune them now, I think they would be ok, as long as it doesn’t get too cold and you are happy for them to take longer to respond.

Although, I would definitely recommend that you wait until spring if you can.

You may find this interesting:

  • arweldon67
    Thank you, Steve! I think I will wait till spring for the hard prune. Strangely the temperatures just dropped into the low 50s last night.That said, would a light prune to trim new branches that hang into the garden path be ok for now? I think I should have been shaping them a bit more throughout the summer so now a few are very leggy.
  • Steve McLean
    Strange things are certainly happening with the weather – here it is a crazy amount of rain!I think a light prune now would. be fine and not cause too much stress for your grevilleas. I also think it is a good idea to leave the heavy prune until spring.Happy gardening :)
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