Why Grow it Yourself?

Why Grow it Yourself?

Whenever it is possible, we believe that it is best and therefore prefer to grow our own food. We understand that this isn't always possible but make it our goal to only buy such things as fruit and vegetables when there is no alternative. Our reasons (in no particular order) include:

  • Taste - I am yet to taste vegetables from a supermarket that taste as good as our homegrown vegies.
  • Nutrition - The nutritional value of fruit and vegetables diminish as they age. It is difficult to know how old these products are when purchased from a supermarket; compare this with our own produce - straight from the ground to the pot.
  • Convenience - we usually eat what we have in the garden. It is very convenient to just pick it directly from the garden when required.
  • Health - We know exactly what has been added to the food we grow - nothing! We use natural pest and disease management. We don't worry about a few marks on fruit and prefer to "share" our produce with some pests rather than spray.
  • Cost - We minimise costs by sowing seeds, allowing some plants to self sow and limiting soil improvement to the activities of chickens, worms, compost and resting. It is true that we had setup costs several years ago, but our current ongoing expenses are less than what we would pay if purchasing the same.
  • Environment - We refuse to use sprays, and synthetic fertilisers. As mentioned above, all pest management and soil conditioning is left to chickens, worms and resting. All waste organic matter is given to the chickens or worms or composted.
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Doing It Yourself

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