Protecting against Possums

Protecting against Possums

Do you have a possum problem? Do they eat your garden produce? Below are several ways to protect your produce from possums:

Use Physical Protection
Protect pawpaw, mango or many other larger tree fruit with a plastic shield made from a 2L plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom of a bottle and make a cut along the bottle so it can “open “ and the fruit can slide in. Another way is to  use chicken wire to wrap the whole bunch of paw paws up and tie the top and bottom of the mesh to the tree trunk. It also works well  for flying foxes, cockatoos and rats.  For a vegie garden bed, use plastic pipe to create an arched frame and cover it with netting.

Avoid planting along a possum's "highway"
Possums completely ate our passion fruit vine which we planted along a fence. They use fences to get around. When  we planted the passion fruit on the back wall of the house, the vine and fruit have were not touched by possums again.

Feed possums
Become friends with them and they will not decimate your garden. A banana or an apple every day away from your garden produce will keep them happy and well fed so they will not need to eat what your garden produces. Bear in mind they need to eat something - human beings are actually pests in their territory.

This article has generously been provided by Jana and Roman Spur of Spurtopia

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