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I have just moved last year to Mooroopna in Central Victoria.  My last home was on a 10 acre hobby farm with not much garden at all and only tank water to water the plants with. But it did come with lots of fruit trees and grapevines which I managed to keep alive over the 20 years that I lived there. Hard to get a good garden going when you are working full time as a TAFE teacher AND breeding alpacas on the side. I finally decided to retire from teaching, sell all my remaining alpacas and move into town. Bought a smaller house on a small block in the price range I could afford. I now had the time to become a full time gardener, growing my own food and my specialty plants in pots.

The new garden was basically just lawn and weeds with one really nice grevillea out the front. I have put 4 photos of it in a new album called "My new garden starts here". Since moving in, I have covered about a third of the back yard with shade cloth to house my 'garden in pots' - LOTS of epiphyllums, zygocactus, begonias etc. I also very quickly made a small raised vegie garden in one sunny corner and put in tomatoes and herbs. Some of the herbs survived and did well, the tomatoes did not do so well, I will try different varieties (like cherry tomatoes) in a different spot next year. And I will try some leafy greens too - what I don't get to eat the chooks will. Just have to make sure they can't get in there and help themselves! The other things I have planted out the back so far are a lemon tree (I think from memory it's a Myer) and a tangelo tree (supposed to be Minneola but that's not what the label on it said when it arrived via Australia Post), both doing well if still very small.

Next big project - rip up the daggy front lawn and create a large raised bed garden with room for lots of herbs, flowering perennials especially a few natives for the birds, maybe room for a few vegies too. I am also going to try growing more fruit trees in large containers as I don't want them growing so large I can't net them - fig , avocado and apricot. And I have a passionfruit vine and a grapevine to find spots for....

Has anyone ever grown any native bush tucker? I was thinking of giving finger limes a go. I have already got 3 lilly pilly plants in big pots that I am going to make a bit of a hedge out of, so I can use the berries to make lilly pilly cordial etc. You can see I am a bit of a fruit nut rather than a serious vegie grower but now that I have a REAL garden I will learn to grow vegies too. So I am on a huge learning curve now. I will keep you posted how it is going 

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  • Your gardening adventure sounds like it is and will be exciting. From experience, I know it can also be a little confronting at times, but theYour gardening adventure sounds like it is and will be exciting. From experience, I know it can also be a little confronting at times, but the rewards are always worth it.

    In terms of bush tucker, I also recently planted a finger lime, but it will be quite a while before we will be enjoying fruit from it.

    I am really looking forward to seeing how your garden develops in the months and years ahead.
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