Make Use of That Waste Water

Make Use of That Waste Water

When you wash your hands or something else under a tap, there is a lot of run-off water that usually goes down the drain or soaks in to the ground. I know most of us think about minimising the water used or lost by running the tap for a minimum length of time. But even then, there is still waste run-off!

Why not place a pot plant under the tap? Better still, make it a pot plant that contains something you can use in the kitchen - perhaps a herb!

My solution was to place a pot containing mint under this tap that I use a lot. The tap only receives partial sunlight (mint is ok with that) and mint likes a good drink. Add to that the beautiful mint aroma whenever I wash my hands after being in the garden ..... its a win, win.

Don't let that run-off water go to waste ..... use a pot plant to catch it.

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