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  1. Graeme Jones
  2. iCultivate Technical Support
  3. Thursday, 03 July 2014
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In order to write a Blog or Article, you must first be an iCultivate member and logged in.

Step1Ensure that you are logged in. Once logged in, you will have access to "member only" menu items:

Menu Items

Step 2Select "My Blogs"

Step 3You will now have your iCultivate blogging "Dashboard" on your screen. Select the "write" icon:

Blog Dashboard

Step 4Select the most suitable category (if there isn't one present, please "Make a Suggestion" using the suggestion box).

Step 5Give your blog a "catchy" but descriptive title.

Step 6Select and add a suitable blog image - this is important because it will present your blog better within the iCultivate system and make it more likely to be read.

Step 7Write your article.

Step 8Add suitable "Tags" to make it more easily found.

Step 9Select the publishing options of your choice.

Step 10At any time during the writing process you may:

  • Save your blog as a draft. A draft is not published, and is not visible to anyone other than yourself.

  • Have a look at a "preview" to see what it will look like to your readers.

Tool Bar1

Step 11Once you are happy with your blog, select "Publish Now".

Your blog will now be available for reading by the public, and commenting on (assuming you have allowed it) by registered members of the iCultivate community.

If you have any further questions, or would like to see something else included in this article, please provide that feedback by using the "Your Reply" function below.

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