Lemonade, a Refreshing Drink

Lemonade, a Refreshing Drink

b2ap3 thumbnail Lemonade-Citrus-Tree2How often do you see fallen fruit just lying on the ground underneath a fully laden fruit tree?

Given that there are so many options for this fruit that could result in it being used, it always seems such a shame, and such a waste. Of course, some of these options include making various types of jams through to ensuring that your neighbours and friends also get to enjoy this wonderful fruit. But one very simple solution is to juice the fruit and then freeze it. This is something that we do with the fruit we get from a very bountiful Lemonade tree.

This Lemonade juice is then available to make refreshing drinks year round. Why don't you try the follwoing: Simply add about 20% Lemonade juice to 80% soda water to provide a bit of fizz! Then drink and enjoy. While there are the natural sugars present from the fruit juice, there are none of the processed sugars that are usually found in very high levels in the many of the commercial cordials purchased of the shelf in supermarkets.

Hope you enjoy :)

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