Aloe Vera – Power Packed Green Gem

Aloe Vera – Power Packed Green Gem

Aloe Vera - Power Packed Green Gem

The Aloe Vera plant grows in practically every garden or pot. But do we utilize its full potential? 

Most people use Aloe for skin burns (it is the most effective treatment for burnt skin in the world), scratches or insect irritations. However the plant is believed to be capable of much more. So what do we (SpurTopians) use Aloe Vera for?

Drink it in smoothies
We once used just the clear gel in the leaf but now put the whole leaf along with other fruit and leafy greens and flowers into a blender to make morning smoothies. The clear gel is actually tasteless. The yellow sap right under the green skin is bitter, but does not affect the taste at all, and has a disinfecting quality.

Alternative medicine uses Aloe for all sorts of health ailments - it is good for the health of the digestive system by supporting good bacteria in the intestines and repelling parasites and worms. It reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.

Skin moisturizer 
It can be used on dry skin or after shaving. It's also good for skin and nappy rash as well as eczema. It provides healing for sun burn and scald burns and a cooling effect. It also mitigates blisters. 

Take an Aloe Vera leaf, cut it lengthwise down the middle and scoop out the clear gel which is tasteless. Add bi-carb soda and mix it well. The ratio of Aloe gel to bi-carb soda is approx  3:1. If you want a bit of freshness, add chopped mint leaf into the mixture. You can store it in a fridge for several days.

Aloe Vera Toothpaste copy

Hair shampoo 
It is very simple to use. Just scoop out the gel and rub it into the hair like traditional shampoo and then wash it away.

Hope the above has inspired you to use Aloe Vera much more . We are going to write about Aloe Vera cake and garden fertilizer soon, so watch this space.

Did you know that in Egypt, Aloe vera was referred to as "immortality plant" and native Americans referred to it as "Wand of the Heaven." Aloe vera is so powerful, it is used to cure  certain skin cancers and  now there is a lot of research into its use in the AIDS and cancer fight. 

This article has generously been provided by Jana and Roman Spur of Spurtopia

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