Doing It Yourself

There are some things that I wont touch - gas and electricity I wont go near, but I remember the look on a friends face when he asked who I was going to get to build our new fence. I can only imagine the look on my own face when asked this question. I was aghast at the idea of getting someone to build the fence for me. The idea of paying someone to do something that I was quite capable of doing myself was foreign to me.

Now I understand that not everyone is like this, and I also understand that not everyone has the time, but when we bought our new home, I was determined to make the time. I wanted to do as much of the work as possible myself and I am the type of person who enjoys giving most things ago. 

Often the difference between a DYI novice and an expert is the time it takes to complete the job. By reading, experimenting and taking extra time to exercise greater care you may be surprised at what you can actually DIY. This of course assumes that a healthy dose of common sense is exercised along the way.

In this section of iCultivate, I will provide details of the DYI projects that I complete while transforming our home. I encourage you to participate in this process by providing your own hints, ideas and thoughts through the provision of comments on articles or by participating in the forums.

Why Grow it Yourself?
Crop Rotation

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