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  1. Graeme Ryder
  2. General Gardening
  3. Saturday, 30 August 2014
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can anyone tell me about planting Trumeric, do I use any of the rizons or am I better off planting the ones from last year's crop that had the leaves growing from them?

Does anyone know?


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Ray Callaghan
iCultivate Member
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Hi Graeme You are much better off planting fresh (new) turmeric rhizome. You may find the video link useful.
Hope this helps you. Steve
  1. Graeme Ryder
  2. 5 years ago
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Thanks Steve, actually it is your video that brought me to this web site and I must say 'well done'...okay I have been growing turmeric for two seasons now and I have just finished cleaning some of my recent season's results (about 5 kg). I noticed the obvious difference between the general off shoots and the main part of the root that had the leaves growing from it. Have you found any difference with next years crop if you plant just a piece of the system compared to planting the central piece...I hope you follow what I am trying to ask...
  1. Ray Callaghan
  2. 5 years ago
  3. #7
Hi Graeme, firstly I must apologise for not replying earlier ........... I missed your follow-up question.

I think I understand what you asking. What I have found, is that the larger and healthier the segment that I plant is, the more it seems to produce. I have not seen or read anything to back this up or explain it, but it does seem to be a trend that I have noticed.

I am hoping that someone else might know something to help a bit further with this.

All the best.
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