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  1. Graeme Jones
  2. The Vegetable Patch
  3. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
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I have been having trouble with my Silver Beet. The leaves are becoming infested with a disease of some type and it is affecting both the quality and yield severely. I have attached a photo for you to have a look.

Can anyone help and advise me what to do?
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Ray Callaghan
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Hi Graeme The disease in your Silver Beet looks like Cercospora Leaf Spot and is a common fungal disease. Apparently it is most common in warmer climates with higher humidity. It can be treated with a fungicide, but I wouldn't recommend this - if you remove infected leaves as they appear, and regularly pick the leaves (don't allow old leaves to remain on the plant) you should find that you will still get a good crop. Word of warning ..... don't add infected leaves to your compost! Also, ensure that you practice crop rotation (see article on iCultivate) to minimise the problem. I have provided link that contains further details that you may find useful. All the best.
  1. Graeme Jones
  2. 6 years ago
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Hi Steve

This has been very helpful. Thanks for the reference as well.

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  2. The Vegetable Patch
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