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Resolved Pest on my Lilly Pillys

  1. Lachlan McArdle
  2. General Gardening
  3. Friday, 04 July 2014
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I have quite a lot of Lilly Pilly trees and quite a few are strting to be infested with a pest. I assume I could kill them with a pesticide of some type, but would much prefer an organic method of fixing/controlling this.

Does anyone know what these are? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Photos attached.


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Ray Callaghan
iCultivate Member
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Hi Lachlan

This looks like White Wax Scale. To treat it you really have a couple of safe options:

Physically remove them by hand - best during the winter.
Spray them with a horticultural oil - a home made white oil is a good option

I have included a link for making an organic vegetable based white oil (some are petroleum based so be careful):
Organic White Oil Recipe
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