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  1. QuratulAin Schaller
  2. General Gardening
  3. Tuesday, 02 June 2020
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I am on the US east coast - Boston. 

I recently cut and repotted a Yucca plant which has rerooted but the leaves are yellowing. 

The main Stem (?) of the plant that is attached to the roots is however suffering badly. I am wondering if I have killed it :( 

I am looking for advice on how to restore the Yucca roots. 



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I am sorry to hear that your yucca is not doing too well.

It is hard to tell from your photo. Apart from needing to be repotted and given a good watering, it looks like it will be ok. Is this the stem that you are referring to?

Something else to consider is to give the roots a bit of a trim (remove the sections that appear to be circling around the pot) and then repot it and give it a good watering with a diluted fertiliser concentrate like seaweed emulsion. Please remember though that the pot should be well draining.

Good luck with this and I hope this helps.

Please ensure that you check back with any other questions or just to let us know how it is going :)



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