Wednesday, 12 May 2021
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I have recently had several questions about how to create a blog article on iCultivate. I believe that it is quite an easy process, but I have created a video (see below) that I hope will guide you through it.

Some key things to remember:

  • Always include images - even if it is just the "Post Cover" image. Images provide interest and make your article stand out for the reader.
  • Take care with how you lay out what you are writing - position any images well; ensure that you use paragraphs where appropriate; and then there is always your punctuation - always ensure that this is included.
  • Proof read what you have written! Always imagine you are someone else who is reading it - does it read well, does it make sense?

The following video guides you through two ways that you can write your blog article on iCultivate:

Once finished, publish your blog and it will then be available for other iCultivate community members to read, or you can choose to have it visible to the whole world if you like.

If you would like your article to be featured on the front page of iCultivate, please send me a message and we can then work together and discuss the next steps.
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