Tuesday, 25 October 2016
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I just read Steve's article aboutPlanting legumes to replace nitrogenin the soil and it has got me wondering what legumes people plant for this purpose. Looking for someting that is going to be dug back into the soil and not harvested for the dinner table.

4 years ago

Hi Lyn .... thanks for the question.

You can grow any type of legume for this purpose, but the key is to not let them set flowers, and then harvest the fruit .... this is lost nitrogen then. You need to cut them down and dig them back into the soil just as they start to set flowers.

I tend to cast left over legume seeds across the area that I want to grow the green manure. The type of legumes could be such things as beans, peas or lupins.

Hope this helps :)

PS ..... I am going to release a video about this very soon :)

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