How to Have Your Plants and Eat Them Too

There are few experiences quite like growing your own food. It’s equal parts hard work and leap of faith. You plan, you plant, you water, and you wait. With patience (and sometimes, a touch of luck) you’ll get to make meals with the fruits, vegetables, and herbs you’ve grown yourself. They’re as fresh as possible, extremely affordable, and well worth the effort. Intrigued? Here are some tips for enriching your meals with fresh-grown produce: 

Planning Your Plot 

Before you dive into planting, take some time to make a plan:

Caring For Your Plants 

Consistency is the key when it comes to gardening. 

Harvesting and Storing

Once they’ve grown, it’s time to chow down! 

Gardening is an excellent hobby. It gets you outdoors, fosters dedication and patience, and yields an excellent result. Keep these tips on hand as you develop your green thumb and discover all gardening has to offer! 

Article by: Carrie Spencer
Photo Credit: Reshot