How to Plant and Grow Turmeric

Top 10 Benefits of Turmeric Turmeric is native to South East Asia and is usually recognizable as a bright yellow/orange and pungent spice associated with asian cooking - particularly Indian curries. It often referred to as a “super food”, having been identified as containing a very large number of substances...
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Aloe Vera – Power Packed Green Gem

Aloe Vera - Power Packed Green Gem The Aloe Vera plant grows in practically every garden or pot. But do we utilize its full potential?  Most people use Aloe for skin burns (it is the most effective treatment for burnt skin in the world), scratches or insect irritations. However the plant...
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Lemonade, a Refreshing Drink

How often do you see fallen fruit just lying on the ground underneath a fully laden fruit tree? Given that there are so many options for this fruit that could result in it being used, it always seems such a shame, and such a waste. Of course, some of these...
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